When Hurricane Irma disrupted the lives of Floridians last month, many issues were brought to mind that usually go unnoticed in our day-to-day lives.  Namely, how does flooding and a widespread loss of power impact our community?  What kind of infrastructure is in place to sustain us during a crisis? […]

As the Florida landscape continues to grow and develop, how do we address increasing water demands?  Expanding the scope of water reuse systems is a major way to improve overall water sustainability, conserving water for the future. The City of Auburndale (City) sought to decrease their demand for groundwater withdrawal […]

For the past 65 years, Chastain-Skillman has been on the leading edge of Lakeland’s growth. Working in the city that they love, CSI is committed to making Lakeland a great place to live and work. We are proud to work behind behind the scenes to contribute to the “effortless” growth […]

Chastain Skillman’s Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Department was recently awarded it’s third consecutive contract with the School Board. We will be providing Environmental Services for the Hillsborough County School Board from 2014-2017.  Chastain-Skillman has been providing services to the School Board since 1992. Thank you to Paul Osley, Greg Lassi, […]

HOW WILL NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PLANNING IMPACT BIOSOLIDS LAND APPLICATION? By Douglas Jones ABSTRACT Revisions to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Biosolids Rule (62-640, Florida Administrative Code) became effective on August 29, 2010. All land application sites must be permitted under the revised regulations by January 1, 2013. Among […]

The economic turmoil over the last few years has certainly caused all of us to look at our homes and businesses for ways to operate more efficiently. We ask ourselves “where can we conserve?” and “how can we take advantage of technical innovations that will reduce costs or increase productivity?” […]

The sources and uses of water will become of ever increasing concern as the fragile balance between human and environmental needs continue to be stressed. Most utilities and agencies charged with meeting community and commercial demands while protecting the environment are looking at more integrated approaches to conservation and reuse […]