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2Q07A “Green Building” is not Necessarily GreenSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
1Q08Acid Rain RevisitedNoreen D. Poor, PhD, PEEnv. Eng.
2Q05ADA Changes on the HorizonSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
2Q04Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sampling MethodologiesPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
4Q09Air Potato VinePlant Watch (Arthur “Art” D. Wade III, PWS)Env. Eng.
1Q10Assessing Hazards and PPE SelectionDebbie L. Vilar, MBA and Chuck RobertsEOHS
12-03Assessing Mold ContaminationPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
2Q06Asset Management Plans Can Mean Long-Term Savings for UtilitiesSteven A. Dutch, PEEnv. Eng.
2Q10Bernie Little Distributors Office Building Proves That Even Small Buildings Can Be “Green”Suzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIA, LEED-APArchitecture
4Q12Biophilic DesignSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIA, LEED-APArchitecture
1Q11Boundary Survey: Why Should You Have A Survey Completed?Robert F. DuBois, PLSSurvey
1Q12Boundary Surveying and HistoryJ. Richard Noland, Jr., PSMSurvey
2Q10Brownfields Redevelopment: A Win-Win SituationJames D. “Duff” Stump, PGRisk
2Q07Censored Data: What’s the Average of Unknown Values?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q07Changes in Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standards Impact Landowner Liability ProtectionTom Lewis, PG, CFEA, LEPRisk
1Q07Changes in the Construction Specifications Institute Project Manual OrganizationLisa Strine Lassi, PE, CDTEnv. Eng.
4Q04Changes In The Residuals Rules Are On The HorizonPaul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
1Q04Changes To DEP Rules Mean Important Changes To Florida Utilities (1)Paul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
2Q04Changes To DEP Rules Mean Important Changes To Florida Utilities (2)Paul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
4Q09Changing Before We Have To (An article contributed by Habitat for Humanity Highlands County, Florida)Mike Jacobson, President, Habitat for HumanityCivil
3Q06Chastain-Skillman Joins as a Partner in the Florida Statewide TopNET RTK NetworkRobert F. DuBois, PLSSurvey
09-03Chastain-Skillman, LLC wins Kissimmee WWRF Contract AwardPaul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
3Q07Chastain-Skillman, LLC, Fifty-Seven Years of Surveying in the State of Florida and How it Affects You, the LandownerDenis R. Pearson, PSMSurvey
2Q08Chlorine Residual in Water SystemsJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
2Q04Citrus Canker And The Land SurveyorRobert D Huss, PLSSurvey
3Q05Common Indoor Molds and Potential Health HazardsPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
1Q11Complying with Davis-Bacon RequirementsTed R. FylstraEnv. Eng.
12-03Compression Ring Supports New Church RoofPaul H. Racette, PEStructural
2Q07Concrete: An Alternate Floor FinishPaul H. Racette, PEStructural
1Q10Construction StakingRichard M. “Mike” Benton, PSMSurvey
4Q10Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation ActW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
4Q10Contaminated Sites and Risk Management OptionsGreg J. Lassi, PG, MPHRisk
3Q05Continuing Education: A Big Pay-off for EveryoneDenise ThurstonCivil
4Q08Culvert, Lakes Clinch & ReedyProject Spotlight (Allan S. Duhm, CLU) 
2Q05Decision Making with Insufficient DataCindy L. Duhm, MBACorporate
3Q10Decision-making, Risk and the Utility FunctionJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
4Q04Delivering Effective Presentations – Tips And Thoughts To ConsiderAllan S. Duhm, CLUCorporate
3Q10Developers Beware: Stormwater Rule Changes are ComingDavid J. Buyens, PE and Mark T. Livesay, EICivil
3Q08Do I Hear Running WaterDouglas E. Jones, PEEnv. Eng.
4Q10Do You Own One of These Contaminated Sites?Thomas E. Lewis, PG, MBARisk
4Q07Doing More With Less – The Benefits of a Logistical AnalysisChuck RobertsCorporate
2Q05Effective Communication is Key Factor in a Successful Pretreatment ProgramEmigdio R. Isern, EIEnv. Eng.
1Q08Egg-Shaped Digester (Glendale)Project Spotlight (Allan S. Duhm, CLU) 
1Q08Engineers and ComputersPaul H. Racette, PEStructural
1Q05Engineer’s Insurance Does Not Cover County’s Own NegligenceW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
09-03Environmental Engineers Present PapersPaul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
1Q09Ergonomics in the WorkplaceBeth S. Blackmon, MSPHEOHS
1Q04Expedited Site AssessmentJames D. Stump, PGRisk
1Q12Exposure Assessment: Significance vs ImportancePaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
4Q04Federal Emergency Management AgencyJeffrey M. CrouseSurvey
11-03Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association WorkshopDouglas E. Cochran, EIEnv. Eng.
3Q09Florida’s Water Quality: Progress Being Made… Bill to ComeJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q10Funding Infrastructure Projects During a RecessionTed R. FylstraEnv. Eng.
09-03Global Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)Greg Lassi, PG, MPHRisk
3Q09Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines -UpdateArthur “Art” D. Wade III, PWSEnv. Eng.
2Q08Great American Teach-InH. Everette Richards, Jr.& Michael H. SaitesSurvey
4Q09Greenhouse Gas Accounting Heats UpJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCivil
1Q10GWR Goes Into Effect December 1, 2009David J. Buyens, PE and Salah F. Albustami, PEEnv. Eng.
1Q04Health And Safety Thoughts For The New YearMona J. Bird, MSEHRisk
2Q06Highlands County Sports ComplexSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
1Q07How Can a Chemical in the “Parts Per Billion” Range Be Dangerous?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
4Q11How Do We Fix That Manhole?H. Robin LoshEnv. Eng.
4Q05How Hurricane Season and Winds Affect Lakes… and an Ominous PredictionW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
2Q12How Pervious Concrete Improves Stormwater QualityMark T. Livesay, EI and Stephen D. McConn, PECivil
1Q11How the EPA Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule Could Affect YouBeth S. Blackmon, MSPH, CIHEOHS
1Q06Hurricanes: Structural Lessons LearnedPaul H. Racette, PEStructural
1Q07HVAC and the ClassroomLaura M. Totten, BSEOHS
4Q08Hydraulic Analysis: The Effect of Wind on WaterThomas J. Moran, PECivil
3Q07Hydraulic Transients: Peril for Pumps and PipesJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q08Hydrogen Sulfide in Water Systems: What’s That Smell?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q05Initial Notice of Contamination Beyond Property BoundariesGreg Lassi, PG, MPHRisk
4Q05Innovation in Extending the Life of LandfillsR. Jerry Murphy, Ph.D., PEEnv. Eng.
4Q06Integration of GIS and GPS: Coming to a Town Near YouRalph H. Whisler III, PLSSurvey
2Q12Is It Time to Jump Back into the SRF Program?Ted R. FylstraEnv. Eng.
1Q09Is There a Trend in that Data? (Part 1 of 2)James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
2Q09Is There a Trend in that Data? (Part 2 of 2)James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q09Is Vapor Intrusion a Concern at Your Site?Dan T. Stump, CHMMRisk
2Q08Is Your Petroleum Cleanup Program Site Already Eligible For State Of Florida Funded Clean Up?Tom Lewis, PG, CFEA, LEPRisk
4Q06ISDE: A New Task for Water System ManagersJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q12Istokpoga Marsh Watershed Improvement District Water Retention And Tailwater Recovery ProjectW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
4Q12Jevons ParadoxJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
4Q07Lake MirrorProject Spotlight (Allan S. Duhm, CLU) 
1Q09Lake Mirror, Main Street RealignmentProject Spotlight (Allan S. Duhm, CLU) 
1Q05Lakeside Village Bridge – Structural Design Links Past and PresentPaul H. Racette, PEStructural
1Q06Lead Paint Inspections in Florida: Who Can Perform an Inspection?Paul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
3Q11Low Score Site InitiativeThomas E. Lewis, PG, MBARisk
3Q12Low-Scored Site Initiative UpdateCharles B. Browning, PGRisk
4Q11Mason’s Ridge Subdivision – Sebring, FloridaW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
3Q04Material Prices Expected To Boost Construction CostsSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
3Q10Metropolitan Planning OrganizationsWilliam “Bill” E. Conerly, PECivil
2Q05Mold Investigation Capabilities ExpandBruce D. Kelly, CIH, CSP, CBSP, CHS-IIIRisk
11-03Mold Risk Assessment And RemediationPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
09-03Mold Risk Assessment and RemediationPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
2Q09Municipalities Still Recovering From 2004 StormsSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
4Q06National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)W.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
1Q05Need for Particle Size Selective Sampling – Total Dust versus Respirable FractionPabitra Josse, MSEOHS
11-03New Florida Building Code – Here We Go Again!Suzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
2Q08New Standard Construction Contract FormsSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIAArchitecture
11-03New Stormwater Rules Affect Construction Sites Down To One AcreJeffrey D. PeQueen, PECivil
1Q06Northern Exposure!Douglas E Jones, PE; Karen J Karvazy, PE; and Lisa S Lassi, PEEnv. Eng.
4Q12Onsite Wastewater DisposalH. Robin LoshEnv. Eng.
1Q07OSHA’s Top 10 for 2006Paul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
3Q11Partially Constructed Residential DevelopmentsDavid J. Buyens, PECivil
1Q06Past Season Tax PlanningKeith S Dodds, EA, CDA, ABA, ATA, ATPCorporate
3Q06Pathogens–Making a ComebackJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
12-03Permitting Ultraviolet Systems For High-Level Disinfection in FloridaDouglas E. Jones, PEEnv. Eng.
2Q10Pilot Tube Microtunneling: Installation of New Pipelines In Heavily Developed EnvironmentsH. Robin LoshEnv. Eng.
4Q09Porous Concrete PavementW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil
4Q05Proactive Property Management: Minimizing the Risks of Mold, Before or After Storm ImpactsPaul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
3Q06Project Redevelopment: Inquiries with the Water Management DistrictWilliam A Hartmann, PECivil
4Q09Project Spotlight: Lake Myrtle ParkProject Spotlight (Allan S. Duhm, CLU) 
09-03Proposed Changes To Risk Management Plan RegulationsKate Nichols, CIHRisk
2Q10Proposed Water Quality Standards: Just Another Regulatory Change?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q08Radon: What You Need To KnowWilson S. Bull, MPHEOHS
3Q12Rain Gardens – A Unique Approach To Stormwater ManagementB. Alan Hart, PECivil
12-03Record Survey – “It’s A Wrap”Robert P. Schuler, PLSSurvey
09-03Referendum For Land Use AmendmentRon Cauthan, PECivil
1Q04Rights of Way – It’s All About MaintenanceJohn Richard Noland, PSMSurvey
2Q09Road Rights-of-WayPaul A. Bizier, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
3Q05Safety Tips for Activities in the Summer HeatAllan S. Duhm, CLUCorporate
4Q06Should I Run My Air Conditioner While I’m Away?Paul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
3Q05Sidewalk Design is Easy – Yeah RightKen Thiele, PECivil
3Q11Simple Oversights That Lead to Errors in Data EvaluationJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
2Q09Slash PinePlant Watch (Arthur “Art” D. Wade III, PWS)Env. Eng.
4Q08Statewide Stormwater Treatment RuleDavid A. Breitrick, PECivil
4Q05Summarizing Your Data… or What Does a “Mean” Mean?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
2Q08Survey Discrepancies Between Surveyors & FirmsJ. Richard Noland, Jr., PSMSurvey
11-03Surveyors Attend Annual ConferenceRobert F. DuBois, PLSSurvey
1Q10Sustainability: What is it, really?Chuck RobertsCorporate
4Q04SWFWMD Emergency Activity ApprovalsChristopher B. Sipe, PECivil
4Q08The “ALTA” SurveyRalph H. Whisler III, PLSSurvey
1Q12The Clock Is Ticking…Count Down To Biosolids Land Application Site PermittingDouglas E. Jones, PEEnv. Eng.
1Q04The Due Diligence Process In Land TransactionsKenneth R. Campbell, PECivil
4Q11The Law of Unintended Consequences Is Alive and WellJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
1Q09The New Gopher Tortoise Permitting GuidelinesArthur “Art” D. Wade III, PWSEnv. Eng.
3Q09The Status of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds for Water and Wastewater ProjectsSteven A. Dutch, PEEnv. Eng.
2Q12The USFWS, Skinks and Central FloridaArthur “Art” D. Wade III, PWSRisk
4Q11The Winds of ChangeSuzanne S. Hunnicutt, AIA, LEED-APArchitecture
4Q07Then and NowRobert “Bob” P. Schuler, PLSSurvey
3Q11Top 3 Cost Saving Amendments to EPA’s SPCC Rule 40 CFR Part 112Paul L. Osley, PE, BCEE, CIH, CSPEOHS
1Q05Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion to Achieve Class “A” BiosolidsHarold J. Curtis, II, PE, DEE, Michael R. Leffler, PE, DEEEnv. Eng.
4Q04Upcoming Secondary Containment Requirements For Underground And Aboveground Storage Tank SystemsCharles B. Browning, PGRisk
3Q04Use Of Computer Based Models For Utilities ManagementKaren Karvazey, PECivil
3Q05Various Types of Surveys Available for OrderTeena D. NewmanSurvey
3Q07Water Resources UpdateThomas E. (Tom) Jackson, PGRisk
1Q08Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink!Michael Saltzman, PECivil
2Q06What Constitutes “Safe” Drinking WaterJames R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
12-03What’s Happening With Your WaterLisa S. Lassi & Carole J. EstesEnv. Eng.
2Q05What’s the Big Deal Abouth the Flu…and Why Does an Engineer Care?James R. Chastain, Jr., PhD, PE, MPHCorporate
3Q09Why is NPDES Permitting Important to Your Project?David J. Molnar, PECivil
4Q07Work-Zone SafetyW.R. “Ron” Cauthan, PECivil

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