Chastain-Skillman’s Director of Civil Engineering, Tom Davis, represented the firm at the 71st Annual TRPA Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. The conference takes place from November 14th – November 17th.

The Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association (TRPA) is “a non-profit professional society of over 2,100 individual and agency members (professionals and citizens) organized in 1952 as The Leader in supporting highly effective professionals to achieve healthy, livable communities. The “TRPA exists to strengthen and unite those committed to the benefits of parks and recreation.”

We look forward to forging relationships with parks and recreation professionals in the area and are eager to learn more about how Chastain-Skillman can play a part in the development of healthy, livable communities in Tennessee!

CS is a leading engineering firm headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, with satellite offices in Orlando, FL, and Nashville, TN. Established in Lakeland in 1950, our company provides Civil Engineering, Water/Wastewater Engineering, Land Surveying, Geology/Hydrogeology, and Construction Management/Inspections services.

At CS, we treasure our role in creating thriving communities, always respecting the impact our work has on their foundations and their futures. For more information, visit


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