13TH Annual Lakeland Cardboard BoaT CHALLENGE & lAKESHORE FESTIVAL

When challenged with constructing a boat made completely of cardboard and duct tape in just under two hours – Chastain-Skillman employees stepped up to the task. They joined 40 other boats from Lakeland area businesses, clubs and schools to compete at the 13th Annual Lakeland Cardboard Boat Challenge & Lakeshore Festival on September 10th.

Using their engineering expertise to their advantage, they designed boat plans in advance using their CAD software. Once the boat was constructed on-site, Chastain-Skillman employees, Kevin Albrecht and Joseph Frye boarded the completed vessel and raced it on a marked course in Lake Hollingsworth. The Chastain-Skillman team had a close race, narrowly coming in third in their heat.

The Lakeland Cardboard Boat Challenge was hosted by the City of Lakeland, Lakeland Vision, Lakeland Clean and Beautiful and Lakes Education/Action Drive, to raise public awareness about the city’s lakes and their importance to our environment.

“This is always one of our favorite Lakeland events to participate in. It allows us to use our skills in a fun way, be competitive and get involved with the community.”

– Kevin Albrecht

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