Chastain-Skillman’s GIS & Biological Sciences Intern, Daniel Gessman, was recently acknowledged in the publication: The record-breaking 2015 hurricane season in the eastern North Pacific: An analysis of environmental conditions.  The publication was featured by Geophysical Research Letters and was also presented at the 32nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology in San Juan, Puerto Rico in April 2016.

The publication examines the Western Development Region of the eastern North Pacific 2015 hurricane season, which set records for named storms, hurricane days, and Accumulated Cyclone Energy.  It analyzes large-scale environmental conditions and assesses the effects of intraseasonal atmospheric variability.  Their findings show that historically, active seasons are associated with May–June El Niño conditions, potentially allowing for predictability of future active WDR seasons.

Daniel provided figures and GIS hurricane tracking for the publication.  We are proud of Daniel and his work!


Click on the link below for an illustration.