Civil Engineering

Diversity is the common factor among our civil projects.  

From roadways and industrial development, to parks and residential projects, our civil department offers a full range of services.  Our Civil Engineers have extensive experience working on both private and public projects.

Private Projects

Private Projects vary from small commercial facilities to single/multi-family subdivisions to large, mixed use developments of regional impact.

Public Projects

Public projects include local roadway projects, sports facilities, parks, schools, downtown redevelopments, power plants and utility system expansions.

All of our civil engineering services are provided in-house.

Our engineers handle projects from start to finish – from initial feasibility studies and conceptual design, to zoning and land use changes, to complete site-work design and permitting, and ultimately through final construction.  Our depth of knowledge with respect to land development, environmental and stormwater regulations, ensure maximum productivity can be achieved from your site.

CS has vast experience in civil land development in Florida.

CS engineers have successfully completed over 500 subdivisions, commercial/industrial parks, and recreational parks, ranging from Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) covering several thousand acres, to small ten-acre parcels.  Typical land development services provided by CS include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Site Design
  • Supporting Infrastructure Improvement Design
  • Permitting

Projects are typically associated with the growth and development of an area, and include design of water, wastewater, drainage and transportation elements.  Chastain-Skillman provides all of these services in-house.

Our Stormwater Engineers Provide Low-Impact Designs to bridge the needs of development and with the environment.

Our stormwater engineers are skilled in designing a stormwater management system to maximize the use of the land, while reducing pollutant runoff by use of various innovative design solutions.  Our team of stormwater engineers maintains excellent relationships with all permitting agencies, critical in helping projects move along an appropriate timeline.

Some of our more notable projects include: Amazon Distribution Center, Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeside Village, Lake Mirror Promenade, Grasslands Golf Course Community, and Joker Marchant Stadium.