How Chastain-Skillman Works to Develop Total Water Solutions for our Clients

As the Florida landscape continues to grow and develop, how do we address increasing water demands?  Expanding the scope of water reuse systems is a major way to improve overall water sustainability, conserving water for the future.

The City of Auburndale (City) sought to decrease their demand for groundwater withdrawal by better utilizing the water produced by their existing Wastewater Treatment Facilities.  The City enlisted the help of Chastain-Skillman engineers to develop a consolidated reuse system for the two Wastewater Treatment Facilities that service Auburndale, Florida.

The new consolidated system is more centrally located and includes an additional booster station, making reuse water available to a much larger segment of the City’s population, benefitting: industrial, residential and commercial users.  This brings the City one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal of total water solutions for their community.

Our article “Total Water Solutions – Consolidated Reuse Systems Advance Availability” describes our work on this project (written by Chastain-Skillman’s Doug Jones, Raj Vaidya, and Stephanie Paredes as well as the City of Auburndale’s John Dickson) and was published in the current issue of Opflow magazine, produced by the American Water Works Association.


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