The CS survey team visited the Academy of Engineering at George Jenkins High School, to teach students the basics of surveying. Sharing their personal experiences as surveyors, our team members spent time demonstrating the purpose of various tools used when completing projects and even gave students an opportunity to use the tools in the field.

Circling a retention pond surveyed by the CS team in previous years, our crew demonstrated tactics and practices used in the surveying industry. For example, students learned how crewmembers measure the volume of water the retention pond can hold. Knowing this helps engineers understand whether or not they need to make physical adjustments to the ground so that water run-off and other environmental factors don’t allow the retention pond to overflow, thus causing a flooding hazard in the surrounding area. Students then had a chance to work with the tools, ask questions and learn about our internship program.

CS Surveyors teach George Jenkins students the basics of surveying.

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– Marian Wright Edelman


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