Can Davenport’s water/wastewater utilities sustain a growing population? 

The City of Davenport has boasted a population growth of 44.87% since 2020 and is still expected to grow by 13.15% annually. This presents city officials with a new issue as they must now consider the current capabilities of their wastewater systems and how they can be improved to manage the influx of new residents.  

Recognizing the need for more wastewater pipelines, the city contracted Chastain-Skillman to design a new force main. Our firm’s services will involve the preparation of a specific purpose and topographic survey, detailed design drawings, and permitting application packages. The design will be of a 12-inch force main set to begin at the west side of Highway 17 near the intersection of Bargain Barn Road. It will traverse along Bargain Barn Road to Highway 547, then proceed south to the intersection of North Boulevard West, at which point it will turn west to a point of connection with the existing North Boulevard Master Lift Station force main.  

Our engineers encountered unique challenges in the design process such as existing underground utilities, narrow areas available for pipe installation, pipe crossing under train tracks, and wetlands. Not to be deterred, project engineer, Noah Reinhart, says, “The design we’re working on will involve jack and bore and the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) construction methods. The jack and bore procedure will install a steel casing around the proposed force main to support the loads caused by overhead train operations. HDD will minimize vehicular traffic disruption and environmental disturbance by eliminating two things: the need to cut through asphalt roads and the need to perform heavy excavation.”

The construction of this force main will pave the way for future wastewater utilities to be added as Davenport continues to serve the needs of its growing city. Follow Chastain-Skillman to learn how our firm remains dedicated to creative and sustainable design processes.   

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