Florida Polytechnic University (FPU) was awarded the ENR Global Best Project in the education category for the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building. This is a first for Skanksa USA, the main contractor, and a very prestigious award. This project proved to be equally challenging and rewarding to all involved.

Chastain-Skillman provided survey services for FPU’s Innovation, Science and Technology building. Our survey crew was able to think outside of the box using survey staking to make critical vantage points in order to assist the construction crew in mounting the pergolas in place with the accuracy of less than 1/8 of an inch. The construction crews were able to insert the supporting anchor pins with little to no resistance.

“Without Chastain-Skillman this award would have never happened…without you NOTHING would have fit and the building would have been a miserable failure.”

Rick Lee, Assistant Site Superintendent, Skanska

We are so happy for all involved on this once in a lifetime project. This 162,000-sq-ft building designed by Dr. Santiago Calatrava is the main hub for the campus and is a truly inspiring place for all who see it!


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