As a Lakeland based firm, Chastain-Skillman loves our community.  That’s why we’re a member of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC) and proudly support YLakeland.

YLakeland is an initiative of the LEDC whose goal is to connect young professionals with the community.  This education program keeps community members up-to-date on upcoming local events and provides information on new businesses and shops that are coming to town.  YLakeland focuses on the people, places and things that make Lakeland unique and a great place to live.

Below are some ways that you can learn more about YLakeland and stay up to date on events, things to do, new businesses, and much more.
  • Sign up for our weekly newsletter – each week, you will receive an email with the weekend rundown of events. We promise it’s not spam!
  • Think there is nothing to do in Lakeland? We have a different story. Check out our events calendar for what’s happening each and every day of the week. From daily happy hours to food truck rallies, we’ll keep you in the loop.
  • More of a last-minute planner? Or the person always looking for a good deal? Register for our text message to receive exclusive local deals and event reminders. Text “LKLD2” to 51660 to stay in the loop.

As an incentive to sign-up, YLakeland will be giving away a $200 gift certificate to random winners who subscribe to our newsletter and/or text message over the next 30 days.