Doug Jones, PE

Director of Water/Wastewater Engineering

Doug innately possesses the qualities of an exceptional engineer. He is organized, thorough, collaborative, and intelligent; and he personifies a deep dedication to the firm and to the team.

Doug Jones established himself on the team at Chastain-Skillman over two decades ago. Since then, he has built his career in environmental engineering at the firm, with expertise in water and wastewater treatment, pumping, and conveyance systems.

Prior to becoming an engineer, Doug managed a microbiology laboratory for 12 years. He earned an engineering degree thereafter in 1993 and began at Chastain-Skillman in 1996 as a project engineer.

In 2017, Doug became the director of environmental engineering at Chastain-Skillman.

Doug’s biology and microbiology background and training make him an invaluable asset to the firm; contributing knowledge to environmental engineering projects that most engineers do not possess.

During his tenure at the firm, Doug has served in the roles of design engineer, engineer of record, and project manager for multiple projects. These projects involve linear pipelines, sewer evaluation and rehabilitation, water and wastewater treatment, and master planning.

An industry expert, Doug has acted as Chairman of the ASCE Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution Technical Committee.

He is also the author of peer-reviewed journal papers and conference presentations, and the reviewer of hydraulic articles and publications.

Doug earned an MSE, Environmental Engineering from the University of South Florida, along with an MS in Microbiology from the same institution and a BS in Biology from Valdosta State University.

Doug is a professional engineer, licensed in Florida and Colorado.

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