Chastain-Skillman is excited to celebrate National Surveyors Week 2022 by recognizing our talented & dedicated surveying staff. Each day during National Surveyors Week, we’ll highlight members of our team on social media and in our blog. Today we’re chatting with Greg Mayes!

Greg Mayes joined the Chastain-Skillman (CS) team as a Survey Crew Chief in the fall of 2021 with almost five years of surveying experience. Before joining the surveying field, he specialized in Automotive Repair, earning a diploma from Tennessee Technology Center and 5 A.S.E certifications.

As a Survey Crew Chief in the Nashville office, Greg focuses on all things survey, managing his crew and various projects. With his wide range of professional experience and knowledge in layout building, foundation surveying, construction layout, and more, Greg leads our surveyors, ensuring oversight and support are provided to projects that help greater Middle Tennessee communities flourish.

Greg has been involved with various surveying projects during his time at Chastain-Skillman including providing layout and pouring drill piers for Long Foundation Drilling Co.; working on layout building, as well as air spaces and corridor for Broadstone Nations apartments; providing foundation surveys for Park West apartments; and more.

To mark the first day of National Surveyors Week 2022, we talked to Greg about his experiences, fulfilling aspects of his job, and what some of his favorite projects have been during his time at Chastain-Skillman.

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Greg Mayes

Describe your typical day: What do you do as soon as you get to the office? What takes up most of your time? What is your favorite part of the workday?

First things first we call our manager and get our tasks for the day. Most of our time is used on construction layout. My favorite part of the workday is lunch.

What is the most challenging part of your job as a surveyor?

Finding property pins because sometimes they can be very difficult to find, and we use them often in construction layout.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What interested you in becoming a surveyor?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pro baseball player. Being outdoors, the variety in the types of tasks that we perform, and where you might be from day to day is what got me interested in becoming a surveyor.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

The Four Seasons because it is the first Four Seasons in TN and also the tallest building in Nashville, as of right now anyway.

What is one of the most fulfilling aspects of your job as a surveyor?

The most fulfilling aspect of being a surveyor is seeing the project go from an overgrown piece of land to a finished structure.

What is one thing you wish people knew about surveying?

I wish more people knew what our equipment does and is used for, so we wouldnโ€™t get asked if itโ€™s a camera and if we could take their pictures.

The most fulfilling aspect of being a surveyor is seeing the project go from an overgrown piece of land to a finished structure.

– Greg Mayes


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