CS engineers provided necessary design improvements to expand the capacity of Bartow’s Water Reclamation Facility from 4 mgd to 5.44 mgd.

As a task order issued by the City of Bartow under the Master Professional Services Agreement, Chastain-Skillman, LLC (CS) was contracted to provide improvements at the City of Bartow Doug Allen Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). The WRF serves all of Bartow and receives flows from Polk County and Eagle Lake. The facility currently processes 2.6 mgd annual average daily flow (AADF).

The plant is expanding permitted capacity from 4 mgd to 5.33 mgd AADF. Improvements include the construction of two new one-million-gallon sequencing batch reactors, new vertical turbine transfer and effluent pumps, replacement of multi-stage centrifugal blowers with four new screw compressors, the conversion of a chlorine gas system to sodium hypochlorite, a new center flow mechanical bar screen, a stand-by diesel generator, and various solids handling improvements.

CS was issued the contract after the City terminated the contract with the previous firm. During our review, it was determined that the original design did not provide the additional capacity required. An additional basin was added via change order to achieve the required capacity.

The CS Water/Wastewater Team is providing design, construction administration, full-time construction observation, and American Iron & Steel (AIS) and Davis-Bacon certification.
Funding for the project is through the State Revolving Fund (SRF).


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