CS provided topographic survey as well as design services for the expansion of the Berkley Road Water Treatment Plant.  

Chastain-Skillman, LLC (CS) provided surveying and water/wastewater engineering for the expansion of the Berkley Road Water Treatment Plant.

The project scope included two components: 1) public water supply well and 2) wellhead appurtenances, site piping, and water treatment plant improvements.

Services include: 

  • Water use permit modification
  • Groundwater modeling and Impact Analysis Report
  • Design, permit, bidding, and construction administration services for the Public Water Supply Well
  • Topographic survey, geotechnical engineering, design, permitting, and construction services for the Water Treatment Plant Improvements which consisted of a third well pump, force draft aerator, 1-MG ground storage tank, and third high service pump.

The Topographic Survey consisted of an approximately 6-acre portion of the Berkley Road Water Treat Plant for the expansion of the capacity of the plant. The survey included the survey of an existing ground storage tank, existing wells, and fencing for the site.

CS partnered with Biller Reinhart Engineering Group, Inc. for structural engineering, Madrid Engineering Group, Inc. for geotechnical engineering, J.H. Ham Engineering, Inc. for electrical engineering and Verdantas LLC for hydrogeological services for this project.


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