We improved municipal water conveyance by completing a multi-phase water/wastewater infrastructure project.

The English Oaks Force Main is a multi-phase project designed to provide service to the southwest portion of the City of Lakelandโ€™s (City’s) service area.  The pipe alignment runs from west of the Lakeland Linder Airport east to the Glendale Water Reclamation Facility.  Approximately half of the 10-mile long pipeline was constructed over the last 10 years.  

Chastain-Skillman (CS) is currently designing and managing construction of the remaining five miles of 30-inch diameter pipeline.  These remaining sections involve construction along highly urbanized areas including FDOT/Turnpike rights-of-way, residential streets, and the City golf course.  The project is being bid in six contracts to prequalified contractors.  The construction cost of the remaining five miles of pipeline is projected to be $17M.  Funding is through the State Revolving Loan program.

CS is providing design, bidding assistance, construction administration, full-time construction observation, and American Iron & Steel (AIS) and Davis-Bacon certification.

Construction through the City golf course was recently completed on schedule and within budget.  The construction cost was $2,164,600, including owner purchased materials.  Two additional sections are under construction and one section is currently bidding.


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