Residence Halls 1 and 2 boast fully-furnished suites in addition to game rooms, study areas, computer rooms, a fitness center, recreation area, and pool.

Chastain-Skillman was contracted to provide surveying and civil engineering services for Florida Polytechnic University‘s Residence Halls 1 & 2.

RESIDENCE HALL NO. 1: CS provided survey construction staking, construction observation services, civil engineering design, permitting, and construction drawings for FPU’s Residence Hall No. 1. The 90,000 square foot building includes a game room and fitness center in addition to fully furnished suites, which houses 219 student residents.

CS’s survey team provided high precision horizontal and vertical control for the construction of the five-story residence hall structure. Engineering design services included grading, drainage, and utilities. Permitting included FPU, the Florida State Fire Marshall and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

RESIDENCE HALL NO. 2: CS provided surveying and civil engineering services for FPU’s newest residence hall, which includes game rooms, study areas and computer rooms in addition to semi-suites to house student residents.

CS services included topographic survey, site planning, and construction documents for the 135,000 square foot building and pool/recreation area. CS also performed permitting, construction observation services, record survey and drawing services.

Civil engineering design services included grading, drainage, and utilities. The utilities services provided by CS consisted of water and sanitary sewer. CS coordinated with the design team for dry utilities. The five-story residence hall houses 538 students.

CS teamed with PQH Group, who provided the architectural design for both Residence Halls 1 & 2.


Residence Hall No. 1


Residence Hall No. 2

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