Source: Dover, Kohl & Partners – Lake Wales Connected

We’re providing design improvements to Park Avenue in conjunction with the Lake Wales Connected Downtown Revitalization Plan.

Park Avenue Streetscape is Phase I of the Lake Wales Connected – Downtown Revitalization Plan that the City of Lake Wales (City) has adopted to transform the downtown area. Chastain-Skillman (CS) was contracted by the City to provide civil engineering design for improvements to Park Avenue from Scenic Highway to Wetmore Street. The improvements include the conversion of a one-way street with angled parking to a two-way street with parallel parking. The new design will include wider sidewalks and additional landscaping, which includes trees, planters, and rain gardens.

CS is working closely with S&ME, to provide Low Impact Development (LID) design elements such as pervious pavers and rain gardens, which will capture and filter stormwater, while beautifying the downtown area. The completed design will bring to life the Lake Wales Connected plan inspired by the Olmsted/Phillips vision of a “City in a Garden.”


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