We redesigned a complex
stretch of highway,
while also improving
lighting and signalization.

PHASE I- In the fall of 2001, Chastain-Skillman (CS) completed the design for the widening of approximately one mile of Fairmount Drive from a two-lane local road to a five-lane major collector road with sidewalks. This Project was completed by the end of 2002. The construction cost was $500,000.

PHASE II- CS assisted the County with Phase II by designing the highway lighting and signalization for six intersections and prepared the design and permitting for six stormwater retention ponds along the two-mile route forPhase II of this project.

PHASE III– In January 2017, CS entered into contract with the Highlands CountyBoard of County Commissioners to modify the design of a 4.3-mile segment of the Sebring Parkway Phase III running between Sebring and Avon Park. This section of roadway had been designed and permitted by others, but the cost for construction was prohibitive, putting a FDOT CIGP Grant in jeopardy. Because of CS’s innovative and special knowledge regarding stormwater permitting, the County contracted with CS to redesign the entire roadway and modify the existing Environmental Resource Permit, managing $3.2M in funding from theFDOT. This Phase of the project was expected to cost approximately $8M —construction began in March of 2018. In August of 2019, the connection on the north end from the Sebring Parkway to the Memorial Drive Roundabout was made. This roundabout is now open to the public. Construction of the Sebring Roundabout on the south end of the project underwent construction and was completed at the end of 2019.





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