CS engineers made necessary modifications to Winter Haven’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, expanding its capability to handle increased demand.

Chastain-Skillman, LLC (CS) provided professional engineering services for the installation of a third mechanically-cleaned screen at Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 3 in Winter Haven.

The City of Winter Haven (City) identified the need for a third mechanically-cleaned screen to handle occasional high screenings loadings as well as future peak flows. The City also desired that a new bypass channel be added to the headworks structure with a manually-cleaned bar rack for back-up purposes in order to maintain the mechanically-cleaned screen bypass capability. Additionally, for personnel familiarity and parts compatibility, the City preferred that the new screen be of the same type and manufacturer as the two existing screens.

The modifications included:

  • Installation of an automatically-cleaned step screen of the same size and capacity as the existing screens in the existing bypass channel
  • Installation of a new screenings compactor
  • Modification of an existing screenings chute or the addition of a new screenings chute to accommodate the discharge from the new compactor
  • Construction of a new concrete bypass channel on the east side of the headworks structure
  • Installation of a manually-cleaned bar screen in the new bypass channel
  • Modification of the existing bypass channel, required to accommodate the new equipment
  • Modification of the walkway and hand rails on the upper level of the headworks to accommodate the new bypass channel
  • Headworks stairway relocation/modification as required
  • Associated electrical and instrumentation system modifications

The CS team provided water/wastewater engineering design, permitting, bidding, limited construction administration services.


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