Internet Web-based Computer Asbestos Program Management Database Project

Internet Web-based Computer Asbestos Program Management Database Project.

CSI provides this major US retailer with on-going comprehensive Asbestos Program Management computerized database program services utilizing an Internet Web-based access SQL database.   It is very difficult to adequately describe in words the extent and comprehensive amount of asbestos data contained in the database that CSI currently manages for the client.

The program provides state-of-the-art data integration, network/internet access and report generation capabilities which will assist the client in its on-going transformation to a more “paper-free” operation.  Note this Internet Web-based version of the database has been successfully operational for 10 years and has been used on a daily basis by both client and CSI personnel.  The integration of this database has increased the effectiveness and success of all  asbestos program management projects.  The current Asbestos Program Management Database contains over 2 gigabytes (GB) of data and software programming code, from approximately 1,500+ buildings throughout Florida, Georgia and the Southeast US.

For example, the Asbestos Management Module provides real-time data tracking for all inspection reports, periodic surveillance/re-inspections, abatement activities, project monitoring and waste disposal.  The database incorporates specific facility/school CAD floor plan drawings and ACM sample photographs which can be used to illustrate the presence and location of asbestos containing materials.  In addition, the program has the ability to produce customized reports for internal and regulatory reporting purposes. In addition to the above, CSI provides on-going database maintenance and software programming support throughout the contract period.  The completed program/database will be the sole property of the client.