English Oaks Force Main

City of Lakeland Water Utilities
Lakeland, Florida
Civil site design, Stormwater Design, Surveying Services

Rapid growth in the western portion of the City of Lakeland led to overloading of the existing sanitary sewer systems.  This project is the final phase of a multi-phase infrastructure improvement to convey wastewater from the western service are to the City’s Glendale Water Reclamation Facility.  This final phase includes design and construction of 2,800 feet of 16”, 2,900 feet of 20”, and 21,800 feet of 30” force main.  The project is complicated by congested corridors, high groundwater, and areas containing phosphatic clay soils.  In addition, a segment of the line will be constructed within a residential neighborhood requiring close public awareness.  Trenchless installation methods such as jack and bore casings and pilot tube micortunneling are being utilized to reduce impacts to traffic, residents, and businesses.  The pipeline route requires permitting and coordination with multiple agencies, including Polk County, Florida Department of Transportation – District 1, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, CSX Transportation, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Funding for the project is through the State Revolving Fund.  Chastain-Skillman also prepared documents for the City to utilize in prequalifying those contractors allowed to bid each segment of the project.