Fields Mercedes Benz Dealership

Fields Mercedes Benz
Lakeland, Florida
$4.6 million
Civil site design, Stormwater Design,

This project entailed the design of the auto-dealership development on a 6.5 acre site.  The design needed to maximize both the dealership’s visibility vehicle display area which required an atypically small stormwater treatment area to expose more land to be developed.  Chastain-Skillman integrated various innovated design solutions such as  a “treatment train” stormwater management approach. Pervious  concrete served as the pretreament  and a system of wet retention ponds with side bank effluent filtration (side drains) were used as the primary treatment method.

The civil design elements included roadway and drainage improvements to North Florida Avenue along with roadway improvements to the southern side of the site. The design also transformed a rural roadway into a urban section with a curb, gutter and pedestrian sidewalk within the same road’s right of way section. These roadway improvements included adjustments to preexisting municipal water systems in the area.