Quality Consulting

City of Lakeland
Lakeland, FL
Indoor Air Quality Consulting

Since mid-1997, Chastain-Skillman, Inc. (CSI) has provided a wide variety of indoor air quality consulting services to the City of Lakeland. This work has involved approximately five buildings ranging in size from thirty thousand square feet to very large multi-story structures.  In each case, CSI provided detailed Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) diagnostic services including measurements of physical, chemical, and biological agents.  In one case, CSI conducted complex sampling and analyses of biological agents in a three-story structure requiring extensive remediation of mold contaminated surfaces.  The sampling and analysis protocol implemented included the use of both filter and agar plate-type methods widely recognized in scientific literature.  In another case, CSI was involved in the detailed sampling and analyses of airborne particulates believed to be responsible for a variety of building-related health complaints.  CSI has also provided scientific consultation related to the remediation of Stachybotrys spp. and other molds found to have amplified in interior wall cavities.  This work was undertaken employing a variation of the New York State Protocol for fungal contamination. During the course of this work, CSI conducted sampling and analyses to document the effectiveness of the remediation containment methods employed.

CSI was instrumental in interviewing and educating employees concerning adverse reactions associated with exposures to chemical and biological agents.  These efforts included group and one-on-one meetings with staff members, and discussions concerning presenting signs and symptoms.  CSI worked closely with medical practitioners and others employing a traditional public health approach to an evaluation of the problem.  In each case, CSI provided guidance on the determination and resolution of route problem causes.  CSI maintains an ongoing professional relationship with the City of Lakeland providing services in IAQ, industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety, environmental engineering, and environmental sciences.