Lake Mirror Promenade and Parks System

City of Lakeland
Lakeland, FL
$9 M
Civil site design, Stormwater Design, Permitting Assistance, Surveying Services,

This prestigious downtown Lakeland redevelopment project involved many of the Chastain-Skillman (CS) disciplines.  In conjunction with landscape and parks design by Glatting Jackson of Orlando, the project consisted of locating underground utility systems, demolishing Lemon Street, replacing or upgrading underground utilities, and constructing a 25-foot wide by 2,400-foot long promenade (with three different surface finishes).  Associated with the promenade is an amphitheater complete with three, 600 amp electrical services, and an underground conduit system for sound and light control.  Other amenities include a replicated light pedestal and lamppost system to compliment the street lighting system constructed in the 1930s.  An alfresco terrace was constructed in front of the Magnolia Building for a future café overlooking the amphitheater.  A new stormwater conveyance system was designed and installed to replace the former system, a street gutter drainage design.  The streetscape and landscape project provides the City of Lakeland with a needed focal point for its social events (i.e., the Fourth of July fireworks, the antique car shows, the Margarita Ball, Art Festivals, etc.).  CS also provided civil engineering for the balance of the parks which now completely encircle the lake, to include:

  • Barnett Family Park
  • Alan Kryger Overlook Park
  • The Great Lawn
  • Lake Mirror North Promenade
  • Hollis Gardens