Maple Avenue Culvert Replacement Project

City of Bartow
Bartow, FL
Civil site design, Permitting Assistance, Surveying Services

Under a long standing continuing services contract, Chastain-Skillman (CS) was retained by the City of Bartow to provide survey, engineering design, permitting, and construction phase services for the complete removal of the existing steel plate arch bridge along Maple Avenue and replacement with a 19’- 5″ x 6’- 11″ Aluminum Arch Culvert. Since the existing crossing was identified as unsafe for use by the City, the roadway was closed. As a result, this task assignment was fast-tracked by CS to minimize the duration of closure for this highly utilized road crossing.

The culvert design and construction phasing considered the special hydraulic characteristics of the site that receives runoff from a large portion of the Bear Creek drainage basin as construction was to occur during the wet season. Bear Creek was dammed on both the upstream and downstream ends of the culvert and the flow in the creek was by-pass pumped around the structure. The existing culvert was then removed along with the headwalls on each side. Upon completion of the box culvert, forty foot (40’) long aluminum headwalls were constructed on each end of the culvert, along with roadway, sidewalk, guardrails and aluminum Bicycle/Pedestrian railings.

CS worked closely with SWFWMD staff to coordinate and expedite the permitting process. The existing Upper Peace River-Homeland Watershed Model was utilized to perform hydraulic analyses for existing and proposed conditions to ensure no adverse impacts.