NPDES/MS4 Support

City of Fort Meade
Fort Meade, FL

Chastain-Skillman (CS) provides the City of Ft. Meade (City) with various technical support services to assist the City with maintaining compliance with their NDPES/MS-4 permit.  As part of the support services, CS worked with the City to develop a Bacteria Control Implementation Plan in accordance with the City’s requirements as identified in their existing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Report for the waterbody identification (WBID) 1623J – Peace River above Bowlegs Creek, located within the City of Fort Meade.

The 2007 TMDL report for WBID 1623J identified the waterbody as impaired for fecal coliform bacteria.  CS analyzed the monitoring data provided in the report for the sites that were monitored within the City.  CS determined that the impairment was a result of exceedances from sites that were all located upstream of the City.  This determination was also in agreement with the samples the City also collected.

Based on CS analysis of the TMDL and monitoring data, CS was able to conclude that the discharge from the City is a de minimus contributor of fecal coliform to WBID 1623J.  CS provided this recommendation to and received approval from the FDEP.

CS also assisted City staff as needed to complete the annual report and provided routing communication with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) regulators to fulfill permit requirements in the most cost effective manner.  CS prepared, along with the City, an Operation and Maintenance Performance Report that met the requirements set by the FDEP.  CS assisted the City with identifying action activities to continue to improve the water quality of the City’s stormwater outfalls.  The City’s staff is FDEP Certified in Stormwater Inspections, and will monitor and maintain compliance under the Illicit Discharge Proactive Inspection requirements.