Orange Street Drainage Improvements

City of Wauchula
Wauchula, FL
Civil site design, Stormwater Design, Permitting Assistance, Surveying Services,

Chastain-Skillman (CS) was retained by the City of Wauchula to provide engineering design, permitting, and construction observation services for a retrofit drainage project involving 3,000 linear feet of Orange Street.

Orange Street is an area of chronic flooding, and the City of Wauchula considers elimination of the flooding to be a priority.  CS helped the City obtain $1.4 million SCOP funding from the FDOT for the proposed improvements.  The Project will extend from Florida Avenue at its western boundary to 4th Avenue at the eastern limit.

Urbanization within the 103-acre drainage basin has increased stormwater runoff, overwhelming the current drainage system, causing flooding along Orange Street.  The roadways and surrounding areas within the project limits were constructed prior to environmental resource permitting (ERP) requirements being enacted; therefore, no attenuation or water quality treatment of stormwater runoff is currently being provided within the Project drainage area.

CS updated the SWFWMD’s City of Wauchula Watershed Management Plan model with the Orange Street Improvement project.  The H&H model was used to determine the capacity of the existing system.  CS designed a storm sewer system and downstream attenuation pond which would eliminate the recurrent flooding in the roadway.

CS prepared construction plans which included the 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% submittals for review.  FDOT and SWFWMD permits were obtained and bid document assistance was provided to the City of Wauchula in bidding the construction project.