IAQ Evaluations

Pinellas BOCC
Pinellas County
Indoor Air Quality Consulting

Chastain-Skillman, Inc. (CSI) has conducted numerous indoor environmental quality evaluations for Pinellas County.  The purpose of these evaluations was to assist the County in diagnosing and mitigating indoor environmental quality concerns and to promote health and safety of employees.  Some of the facilities included in these evaluations are as follows: Administrative Offices, the Judicial Office, the County Court House, County Residential Structures, County Utility Facilities, the Annex Building, Garage Structures, the Medical Examiners Facility, Cooperative Extension Services and the Barracks Building. Additionally, CSI has conducted over 150 other IEQ related projects at County building locations across the County.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) investigations can be delicate assignments, requiring capabilities in customer relations as well as health and safety assessments.  In addition to dealing with objective scientific data, the health professionals involved in these evaluations must be sensitive to the perceived risks and concerns of those affected.  Both issues must be addressed in most cases to properly identify and resolve the root cause of the problem.

CSI employed a variety of investigative methods and analytical technologies during the evaluations in a variety of facilities that included general office spaces, industrial facilities, retail commercial centers and warehouse areas.  These included background/historical data collection, facility walk-through evaluations, instrumentation/air monitoring data collection, bulk sampling/analysis, microbial assays, air flow/pathway determinations, nuisance animal removal, and employee health surveys.  In addition, direct reading field instruments and air monitoring methods were employed to collect short or long-term, instantaneous and continuous air quality data involving carbon monoxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, combustible gases, carbon dioxide, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

As the client directs, verbal and written reports are prepared and presented to management and legal counsel.  In addition, CSI has provided similar indoor environmental quality evaluations services to City and County governments, School Boards and private industry.