Asbestos Evaluation

Rembrandt Housing Complex
Asbestos Evaluation & Consulting

In 2006 CSI was awarded the Rembrandt Housing Complex asbestos evaluation, abatement and wet demolition project.  Site activities involved evaluating 21 individual multi-story tenant apartment buildings, abating various identified asbestos containing materials and then demolishing all the buildings and associated structures.

This project was successfully performed on schedule and within the original budget with no change orders.  In addition, no Notices of Violation (NOV) were issued by any regulatory agency (Federal, State, or Local) to the SDHC or CSI pertaining to the subject of the work CSI performed.

The Rembrandt project was a very high profile and politically sensitive project due to the location of the site, the fact that this was a governmental housing complex as well as the fact that there was both an existing high school and residential community neighborhoods adjacent to the property on all four sides.  Asbestos surveys, abatement and demolition services can be delicate assignments, requiring capabilities in public relations as well as health and safety assessments.  In addition to dealing with objective scientific data, the health professionals involved in these evaluations must be sensitive to the perceived risks and concerns of those potentially affected at both the high school and residential communities surrounding the Rembrandt site.  In most cases both issues must be addressed to properly identify and resolve the root cause of the problem.