Asbestos/Lead Hazard Evaluation

Temple Christian School
Asbestos & Lead Hazard Evaluations

During the 2007 Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season the SDHC approached CSI with the Temple Christian School asbestos/lead hazard evaluation and wet demolition project.   The overall project objective was to demolish the existing multi-building private school/church complex and construct the new Sylvia Rodriguez Kimbell Elementary School in time for the August 2008 school session (7 months!).

The magnitude of such a project and aggressive expedited schedule had never been attempted before by either the SDHC or the contractors involved.  To say the least, with the most aggressive school construction schedule ever attempted, it was imperative that CSI’s project tasks be completed on-time in order to initiate new construction activities as quickly as possible to meet the 7 month deadline.   CSI’s services required that the entire multi-building private school/church complex be evaluated for asbestos, lead hazards, hazardous materials, and subsequent abatement and removal/disposal of those materials identified as well as the complete wet demolition and debris removal/disposal of the entire complex in just six (6) weeks during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season.

In spite of the extremely optimist and aggressive time schedule, CSI successfully completed the project, not on schedule but actually one (1) week ahead of schedule.  In addition, the project was successfully completed not only ahead of schedule, but under budget as well resulting in an overall cost savings for the SDHC of 15% of the original project budget estimate.   Needless to say another key and critical fact is that there were no project change orders submitted or  Notices of Violation (NOV) issued by any regulatory agency (Federal, State, or Local) to the SDHC or CSI pertaining to the subject of the work CSI performed during the Holiday Season.

This was a high profile and politically sensitive project due to the location of the site (surrounded by residential neighborhoods), and   historical value within the area community (many adult neighborhood residents attended this very school as children and in fact were complimentary of CSI staff/team during demolition).