Florida Polytechnic Hydraulic Model of Water Distribution System

USF Polytechnic
Lakeland, FL

Chastain-Skillman, Inc. (CSI) was contracted to evaluate the proposed water distribution system for the new USF Polytechnic (USFP) campus to meet projected short-term and master plan (build-out) water demands, including fire flow capacity. Because the water system was expected to be constructed in at least two phases, a water age analysis was performed to analyze potential water quality concerns.

CSI constructed a hydraulic model of the proposed distribution system. Hydrant testing on the Lakeland water system to provide a basis for available flow and pressure.

One goal of the study was to determine whether separate potable water and fire suppression lines should be constructed. Water lines in combined systems are oversized to meet fire protection requirements. The water often becomes stagnant, leading to taste issues and low chlorine residual. The water age analyses indicated the predicted water age was less than 72 hours, meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition of “short-aged” water. For this reason, a single potable water and fire system was recommended to reduce costs. CSI also recommended construction of a secondary connection to the City of Lakeland water system to provide additional reliability.