Wabash Street Interceptor Replacement

City of Bartow
Bartow, FL
Civil site design, Permitting Assistance, Surveying Services,

The primary 24-inch diameter interceptor to the City of Bartow Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) was constructed in the 1970s of ductile iron pipe at depths of up to 19 feet.  The sewer is the most critical gravity sewer conveying sewage into the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).  The 3,500 foot sewer was in extremely poor condition, filled with debris and in danger of collapse due to severe hydrogen sulfide corrosion.  Chastain-Skillman (CS) was retained to develop and design replacement/repair solutions for the aging gravity sanitary sewer.
CS’s in-house survey team prepared topographic mapping for the pipeline corridor. In addition, the work included location of a complex web of underground utilities including multiple existing sanitary sewers and service lines that traversed the roadway.
The city was unable to video the system with conventional equipment.  CS worked with RedZone Robotics to inspect parts of the sewer.  The services offered by RedZone included a laser and sonar analysis of the condition of the pipe as well as a video inspection.  Among the parameters to be reported included ovality of the pipe, debris depth, and level of corrosion on both the interior and exterior of the pipe.
Conditions dictated that replacement was the only viable option.  CS provided engineering services for the basis of the design to upgrade the old sewer to a diameter of 30-inches.  They also provided permitting and final design, which included FDOT and CSX railroad crossing permits, simultaneously solving recurring issues for connections to the sewer.  CS completed planning through final design of this project within budget.  CS provided construction engineering services for this project which was completed in 2016.  The overall engineering fees including survey, SUE, geotechnical and corrosion/sewer assessment investigation, design, permitting and construction services at under 10 % of the project construction cost.