We are

Our senior leadership is invested in the communities in which we serve. We are committed not only to the growth and development of these communities, but also to the growth and development of the people within. 

Our passion is to create fundamentally sound places where people can thrive; and we start right here within our walls by investing in our people and processes.

We possess a depth of experience that provides a solid foundation upon which to layer innovation. We remain an intentionally close-knit team working under a multi-generational family business. However, we ensure that our relative size doesn’t impede our team’s access to resources, including training and technology.

We take a genuine approach to business in our dealings with our clients and our team, and we continue to build a culture that thrives on problem-solving for people.

Meet the team

We’re a team of experienced, innovative, genuine, problem-solvers. We each endeavor to live out our brand values, both as ambassadors of the company and as members of our community.

Adam Rusch Crew Chief
Al Truman Construction Project Representative
Alex Barnes, EI Engineer Intern
Andre Rives, EI Engineer Intern
Aurora Schaefer, PE, BCEE Senior Engineer
Betty Fisher CAD Designer
Brandon Lambert Assistant Survey Director
Bryan Martin, PE, ENV SP Senior Project Manager
Buddy Curtis Crew Chief
Charlie Browning, PG Senior Project Manager
Chris Plowman Construction Project Representative
Cody Smith Crew Chief
Daniel Clark Crew Chief
Derek Baalbergen, PE Sr. Project Manager
Derek Singh Survey Technician
Devin Danforth Survey Technician
Doug Forni, PE Senior Project Manager
Drew Morson, PE, CFM Project Engineer
Fred Ammermann, PSM Senior Project Manager
Greg Lassi, PG, MPH Senior Consultant
Greg Mayes Crew Chief
Gordon Land, PSM Assistant Director of Survey
Herb Alban Crew Chief
Ian Barton Survey Technician
Jan McDonald General Counsel
Jason Birdwell Survey Technician
Jeff Ammermann Assistant Director of Survey
Jeff Conar, PE Civil Project Manager
Jennifer Schroyer, EI Engineer Intern
John Kendrick, EI Engineer Intern
Jon Dreher Survey Technician
Keith Moore Construction Services Manager
Kelly Baker Staff Accountant
Kevin McClure CAD Designer
Lauren Presson Marketing Coordinator
Lisa Lassi, PE Senior Engineer
Luke Klausner, EI Civil Project Manager
Meg Sheeran Data Engineer
Mitchell Dawson Crew Chief/CAD Technician
Noah Reinhart, EI Engineer I
Pam Rodriguez Marketing Coordinator
Paul Huss Crew Chief
Richard Carnahan Senior Project Manager/CAD Manager
Richard Miller Survey Instrument Specialist
Sandy Hager Marketing Coordinator
Sara Figueroa CADD Designer
Sean Childs Assistant Project Manger/CAD Technician
Stephanie Williams Office Coordinator
Steven Carp Senior Crew Chief
Tristan Cavender Survey Technician
Vaughan Leer Senior Project Manager
Wes Copeland, EI Project Engineer
Yunjie Zhang, EI Project Engineer
Zac Davis Survey CAD Technician

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