Water Resource Management Services

Chastain-Skillman recognizes that we live in an age of water scarcity.  As demand increases, limits on the availability of high-quality water becomes more apparent – making integrated water resource management an increasingly critical issue.  It is our job to find new and innovative solutions, whether by identifying additional sources, improving utilization of existing withdrawals, enabling water reuse or promoting demand management.

Our water resource management team consisting of engineers, hydrogeologists, and wetlands scientists, utilizes state of the art technologies to develop the tools and solutions necessary to maintain a thorough understanding of your water resource assets.  We can evaluate your system, identify system deficiencies, and provide holistic solutions to enhance your system.


Know your System

Watershed Management Planning

Chastain-Skillman’s experts understand the need to develop holistic, cost effective management strategies to get the most out of limited resources.  We strive add value into every step of our processes. In our watershed management plan, we develop a complete inventory of your stormwater infrastructure, provide analysis of existing watershed conditions and geo-spatial visualization of flood risk.  Additionally, we offer water quality assessments, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, maintenance evaluations and system inspections.

Infrastructure Inventory/Maintenance Evaluations/Inspections

A critical part of our comprehensive watershed management plan is to develop a complete digital infrastructure inventory and evaluate the current condition of your stormwater system.  Our professionals will digitally document the spatial location and condition of every system element to provide system managers the information to operate and maintain the stormwater system.  Remediation efforts will be developed and prioritized to outline a cost effective maintenance strategy.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

Our water resource engineers will develop highly detailed stormwater models to provide cost effective evaluation of the functionality of a storm water system, under a variety of scenarios.  We utilize the latest technology to reduce the cost of model development and provide visualization of flood risk.  Our digitally based, geospatial approach provides the information necessary to maintain a comprehensive understanding of your system’s functional capacity.

Water Quality Assessments

Our water quality assessment of your lakes and streams will identify deteriorating water quality due to excess pollutant loading or biological/ecological imbalances.  We provide specific management strategies to improve water quality.


Know your Options

Stormwater Improvement Projects

Our stormwater design engineers can provide the full suite of services to take your stormwater retrofit project from conceptual design and feasibility analysis to construction in the most cost effective manner possible.

Low Impact Stormwater Infrastructure

Let our stormwater design professionals help reduce the footprint of your stormwater infrastructure and add value to your land with low impact development retrofits such as rain gardens, bio-swales, pervious pavement, sub-surface storage and multi-use facilities.  Our solutions will meet regulatory requirements while improving the aesthetics and recreational benefits of your property.


Know your Responsibilities

Regulatory Permitting Support

Our experts bring the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the strict regulatory environment associated with management of any stormwater system.  We provide the full range of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) support to meet your regulatory obligations including system inspections, negotiations, and annual reporting.

Stormwater systems discharging stormwater to a water body with an established Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) are required to take steps to reduce contribution of pollutants.  We understand the daunting mandate a TMDL posses and can provide the support necessary to meet this mandate.

The goal of the Environmental Resource Permitting program is to prevent adverse impacts to the existing stormwater system.  Projects which potentially modify the existing system hydrology or hydraulics require an ERP.  Our Engineers can streamline the regulatory process to get your project off the ground.


Chastain-Skillman’s Water Resources Services:

Watershed Management
Lakes Management
Flood Risk Management and Mapping
Water Quality Assessments
Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling
Groundwater Modeling
Pollutant Load Modeling
Geo-Spatial Stormwater Maintenance
Stormwater Retrofit Design
Low Impact Stormwater Infrastructure Design
Regulatory Permitting Support
Grant/Legislative Funding Support
Public/Stakeholder Coordination