Chastain-Skillman is continuously propelled by an innate drive to innovate. However, we remain humbly rooted in a history that has always prioritized precision.

Our legacy of technical excellence is coupled with a collaborative culture. Our team has the unwavering support of senior leadership, and this support empowers our professionals with the creative freedom to engage in complex problem-solving.

Though we have offices in Lakeland, Orlando and Nashville, we are culturally committed to preserving the environment of a tight-knit, generationally-owned business. We also prioritize investing in the talent and resources necessary to deliver the highest quality of workmanship.

At Chastain-Skillman, we treasure our role in creating thriving communities, always respecting the impact our work has on their foundations and their futures.


we are genuine.

We are sincere in our interactions with people.

we are experienced.

We know what we are doing, and we’ve been doing it for over 70 years.

we are detail-oriented.

We focus on specifics and take note of any discrepancies on projects for every client, public or private, large or small.

we are problem-solvers.

Our team is empowered to redefine challenges and take creative action.

we are innovative.

We invest in the resources necessary to lead our field in concept and execution.


We’re not just saying it,
our employees are, too.

Chastain-Skillman is a great company to work for as it has a small firm’s culture and support with the experience and depth of a large firm.

After working for Chastain-Skillman for over 40 years now, I have truly enjoyed the โ€œfamily feelโ€ atmosphere here. There is a sense of belonging, commitment, and freedom where Iโ€™m part of a team but also valued as an individual.

What I enjoy most about Chastain-Skillman is the team atmosphere. We’re all working toward a common goal and looking out for each other. We don’t have the competition between offices or different departments like you do at larger firms.

I have enjoyed working at Chastain-Skillman because it has a small business feel with the resources of a larger company. Working here has not only allowed me to gain professional experience with new technologies such as drones and 3D static scanning, but it has also empowered me with knowledge to run a successful team.

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Sound like a team
you could thrive on?