Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the most powerful instruments and technology available in order to produce efficient land surveys.

We have experienced survey crews that serve Lakeland, Nashville, Orlando and the surrounding areas. Our survey department works with both public and private sector clients covering a wide range of project types, including shopping centers, hospitals, business parks, roadways, colleges, parks, airports, and parking lots.

Our spectrum of services includes boundary & topographic surveying, construction stakeout, GPS, GIS database and mapping, horizontal and vertical control, final record surveys, and plat recording.

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At Chastain-Skillman, land survey is just one of the elements in our robust suite of survey and engineering services.

By working with our firm, you will enjoy both the cost-efficiencies and the convenience that comes with having a professional team manage your project from start to finish.

While we are innately driven by a desire to innovate, we’ve consistently prioritized precision. 

Thus, our field crews are equipped with the latest Trimble robotic total stations and Trimble GPS receivers, and our project management team utilizes Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Civil 3D for field data processing and office calculations.

Finally, our field team has invested in training and certification in the following, to ensure a level of accuracy that results in cost and time efficiencies for our clients.

  • City of Lakeland Airfield Communication
  • CSX Railroad
  • Florida Department of Transportation – Control Surveying (8.1); Design, Right of Way & Construction Surveying (8.2); Right of Way Mapping (8.4)
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Wondering about another certification? Just ask. Our personnel has undergone training and certification in a number of local industrial sites that may be unlisted.


Our team will provide essential information about easements, improvements, zoning restrictions, and encroachments, as well as the location of natural and man-made structures that exist on a parcel of land.


Based on engineered design plans, architectural drawings, and structural drawings of your site and building, our team will compute the location of improvements and mark the proposed new structures to ensure that the structures are built according to the design plans.


We use geographic information systems to gather, manage, and analyze data, resulting in more accurate and less expensive surveys.


We’ll use control surveys to set a standard of precision and a framework around which all subsequent surveys can be adjusted.


We will prepare a legal recording of how your tract of land is divided into lots, including the dimensions of the property before improvements are made, boundary locations, nearby streets, easements, flood zones, and more.


Sovereign Submerged Lands includes, but are not limited to, tidal lands, islands, sandbars, and lands waterward of the ordinary or mean high water line, beneath navigable freshwater or tidally influenced waters.  If our client needs to build a private or public dock, structure, docking facility, or establish a mitigation bank that may impact sovereign lands, CS can provide the Mean High Water Survey or Sovereign Submerged Lands Easement to build the structure.


  • Trimble Robotic Total Stations
  • Trimble TSC5 Data Collectors
  • Trimble GNSS Receivers
  • Trimble Digital Levels
  • Ford F-150 Crew Trucks
  • Polaris Side-by-Side ATV
  • 15’ John Boat
  • Two (2) DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drones
  • Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Pix4D Drone Processing Software
  • Drone Deploy Drone Software Processing
  • Trimble Real Works

We pair experience with innovation to deliver sound solutions to complex challenges.

Even in a challenging and busy market, Chastain-Skillman completes my survey requests in a timely and professional manner. I would absolutely recommend Chastain-Skillman to others because of their ability to handle everything I need in order to complete due diligence and move on to closing. Chastain-Skillman’s commitment to serving our community, as well as their exceptional product, make it easy to choose them for our survey needs. Local people and professional results benefit my firm when I have questions or need a quick turnaround.