Community Growth and Development

Our experience and key relationships in both the public and private sectors make us a perfect partner for civil engineering and land development projects that vary in size and scope.

Our firm leverages a depth of experience and a passion for innovation to achieve maximum productivity from your site.

From roadway design to the structural components of buildings, we are immersed in civil land development projects throughout Florida, supplying services that provide for community growth and development.

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Civil Engineering Services

Chastain-Skillman has over 70 years of experience working in a myriad of markets, primarily serving in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and mixed-use capacities.  Our engineers handle projects from start to finish; from initial feasibility studies, to zoning and land use changes, to complete site-work design and permitting, and ultimately through final construction.


Before undertaking a project, our team will conduct an initial assessment to determine the viability of the project and advise on next steps.


We take a creative approach to implementing form and function to include integrations, processes, usages, experiences, functionality, and interactions.


We complete a thorough assessment of municipal requirements and laws as they pertain to your project. During this process, we will proactively mitigate any risks associated with your site.


In the facilitation of rezoning requests, we gather all pertinent field data, assess the data, and prepare it for presentation. Additionally, our team prepares conceptual site plans, documents, and affidavits. Finally, our team will review the applicable Land Development Regulations to ensure that your submission is in compliance with all requirements.


After a feasibility study, our civil engineering company will engage in a complete site design to include grading design, erosion and sediment control design, landscape design, roadways, stormwater management, infiltration systems, streetscape design, and construction specifications.


We will acquire all the necessary approvals/permits required for your project.


Throughout the project, our team will remain a resource for issues or questions that may arise. Additionally, we provide our clients with invaluable oversight to ensure the success of the project and the sustainability of the workmanship.


On behalf of both public and private sector clients, we design improved supporting infrastructure that contributes to the health of people within the community. This infrastructure is crucial in fostering social interaction, active living, and recreation. Our work includes the engineering of paths, signage, shade, and more.

We pair experience with innovation to deliver sound solutions to complex challenges.

Even in a challenging and busy market, Chastain-Skillman completes my survey requests in a timely and professional manner. I would absolutely recommend Chastain-Skillman to others because of their ability to handle everything I need in order to complete due diligence and move on to closing. Chastain-Skillman’s commitment to serving our community, as well as their exceptional product, make it easy to choose them for our survey needs. Local people and professional results benefit my firm when I have questions or need a quick turnaround.