We were proud to contribute to
a project that created a beautiful space for aspiring
entrepreneurs in Lakeland.

Chastain-Skillman was selected to be part of the Catapult 2.0 team to renovate the former Cash Feed building in Lakeland, which would become the new Catapult Headquarters. Our firm provided Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment services, survey services, and civil site design. However, before construction on the project was able to begin, Hurricane Irma caused enough structural damage to condemn the building. The decision was made to demolish the building and build a new building (Catapult 3.0) with the same footprint as the original structure.

Chastain-Skillmanโ€™s work on Catapult 3.0 included the revision of the original engineering plans for Catapult 2.0 to match the revised architectural plans for Catapult 3.0. Our firm also provided streetscape sidewalk plans, permitting, and limited construction phase services.

Catapult is a privately-funded non-profit, whose purpose is to provide a start-up space for aspiring entrepreneurs in Lakeland. Catapult 3.0 was completed in 2019. The 40,000 square-foot structure includes a kitchen, conference room, office space, as well as areas for woodworking, metal working, art and retail.


Civil Site Design, Permitting and Surveying Services



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