CS designed a triplex water booster station rated for 5,600 gallons per minute to serve South Lakeland

The City of Lakeland selected Chastain-Skillman to redesign the existing Southeast Booster Station and design a new booster station to serve South Lakeland.

The Southeast Booster Station pumps water from the low pressure zone (LPZ) to the 3.0 million gallon Highlands Ground Storage Reservoir (GSR). Water is then pumped out of the GSR into the high pressure zone (HPZ) at increased pressure. The City considered constructing a new GSR to allow the existing one to be taken out of service for rehabilitation.

Chastain-Skillman (CS) utilized the City’s existing water distribution model (constructed by CS) to evaluate alternatives to constructing a new GSR. The selected alternative involved demolishing the existing Booster Station and replacing it with new booster pumps operating on variable frequency drives. The new booster station will then pump directly into the inlet of the Highlands GSR high service pumps, matching the demand of the HPZ. Essentially, this project allows the HPZ to be served by two booster stations operating serially while the existing GSR is out of service. This booster pumping system supplies both the normal demand and fire protection. CS’s innovative approach saved the City $2.0 million in capital costs.

The improvements included:

  • Three 2,100 gpm booster pumps (canned vertical turbines)
  • Standby generator and Convault fuel tank
  • Instrumentation and controls


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